Experience, passion and technology founded Eagleprojects:
a software development company that provides a wide range of products including Web Design, mobile App and CAD design
with the purpose of meeting market needs.

The Company

Politica della qualita'

EAGLEPROJECTS S.r.l. company arise with the purpose of bringing a strong innovation element to the design software area.

From the beginning our basic philosophy is to offer an adaptive stuff able to pursue every step of the design phase:
from the feasibility to the as built. Designing has been totally reworked aiming to totally avoid the use of papersheets,
with the chance of developing and sharing long ranged projects
, just like implementing in South America what we are planning in Italy, in real time.

That's the point of our GISFO software, born as a result of TLC networking demand,
and quickly improved reaching step-by-step a wide range of assets.

The 3 macroareas


Mobile Mapping

3D Planimetric relief through acquisition of Point Cloud with Mobile Mapping Techniques and post-processed by applying an RGB texture to the model through our software.



It involves the creation of FTTH-B-C networks, the development of the optical fiber, support to design services: from preliminary to detail, and to the walk-out/site visit, request of permissions and operative support/back office.


Softwares Development

It involves implementation of WebGIS - Geographical informatic sisthems (GIS) published online - related to the optical fiber design with automatic production of the projects (fiber schemas, itemized, etc) and development of specific tools on demand.

Quality politics

Our quality politics is perfectly integrate with philosophy of the company itself; reaching the customer satisfaction through a constant process of improvement . We want to realize this politics following our inspiration and main process, maintaing and improving of the SGQ in agreement with the regulation ISO 9001:2015.


At the center of our activities there's the customer expectations, beacause the customer's fidelity is the key of our success. We finalize this goal through the communication which is one of the main purpose of our philosophy.


We want reach a service which is the best on the market in order to reach excellent results. We monitor every day the development of the market in order to innovate our sector.

Management and Goals

Our departments cooperate in order to provide excellent results

Risk-based thinking approch

Our approch to the project is risk-based thinking so that we can avoid consequences not in agreement with the regulation ISO 9001:2015 by making precautionary controls.

Human resources

The quality of our company is founded on people. all of our employees can operate in complete indipendence. Because we are strongly convince that the cooperation between seniors and juniors is the key of our success.

Innovation, Improvement and Learning

Through the creativity and learning of our employees we improve our company. And thanks to them we can erase the gaps of the market being a referring point.

Politica della qualita'


The EAGLEPROJECTS S.r.l. introduced in 2017 a social responsability politics in agreement with the regulation SAI SA8000.


This manual dictate the respect of the job's regulations avoiding the hiring of the minors, the regulamention concerning the respect of the heath and security conditions during work's time. It regulate also the timing and the salaries providing the freedom of association. Preving discriminations and violence.

Social Action

The Company, in order to achieves its objectives, undertakes to: doesn't use child labour, see to choose hire, build pay and manage workers without discrimination, ensure a safe and salubrious working environment, ensure that its management system of working time, disciplinary proceedings and of remuneration be consistent with existing Community legislation, employment contracts, trade union agreements and with the industry standard. In addition, the company ensures freedom of association and right to collective bargaining, be directed at continuous improvement of management system of Social Responsability and respect of national laws, existing laws and the international struments listed in SA8000.

Policy For Each Stakeholder

To clients: consolidate over time a profitable and satisfyng partnership for both parties, based on competence and on human relationship. To Employees and collaborators: engage to obtain good performance ensuring company's continuaty, work for all employees and compliance with the rules on the employment relationship; contribute, in synergic manner, to create a positive, opennes, dynamic and transparent work environment. To private supplier and companies: ensure to comply with the agreements by promoting a logic work founded on partnership. To banks and credit institutions: protect the working relationship through the speed and transparent provision of information to the banking system. To community: take-part at the territorial social and cultural growth, giving priority to the local nature operations and projects accension.


Eagleprojects offers a range of products for the management, design and maintenance of any type of infrastructures: 2D, 3D, Web, App and CAD.




Eagleprojects Offers

Our services are carried out by highly qualified staff able to adapt perfectly to the needs of any customer.



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